March 20 Update from Dr. Foley

March 20, 2020

Hello, Everyone.

I hope this finds everyone adjusting to the new normal and staying healthy.  As proof that time keeps on moving, regardless of many of our lives having come to a standstill, today marked the first full day of spring.  Unfortunately, I am very concerned that time is marching by and yet the education of our students has been stagnant for the last week. I appreciate your patience as we worked to figure out how best to proceed.  I believe we now have some guidance and a rudimentary plan on how to get instruction moving again and how to ensure that all our students are engaged.

Beginning on Monday, March 23, students should begin working on the 10 days’ of material that was prepared for them before they left school.  Most of this material can be done without involvement of a teacher, but any students who have questions or difficulty are encouraged to reach out to their teachers for assistance, either through Google Classroom or via email.  We ask that families hold onto the completed hard copy work for now. More information will be coming on how work will be assessed.

Moving forward, our faculty members will be working on strategies for providing some form of online instruction after these ten days are done.  It is imperative that families who do not have the technology or internet service necessary to access online instruction reach out to the District so that we can work with you on a solution.  If you need help in this area, please call (724) 352-1700, ext. 5800 or email  Please include your student/s’ name/s and grade level/s, plus a phone number where you can be reached.

Aside from instruction, meals will continue to be provided on Mondays and Thursdays.  Beginning next week, meal pick-up will be held at South Butler Primary School’s front doors, and meal delivery will continue like it was done this week.  If you haven’t registered for meals and would like to, please complete this form:

We understand that the fallout of the Coronavirus is causing many families hardships and that such challenges can cause a lot of stress on you and your children.  If your family is struggling in some way, please reach out to our School Counselors. Their email addresses are provided on the school web pages under Academics. The District also has an Intervention Counselor who may be able to connect you with services to assist you. Her name is Courtney Stein, and she can be reached at Finally, our District administrators, while not on campus, are all connected online for email communication, and our building principals can all be reached by calling their school phone extensions.

Thank you and Happy Spring,

David Foley, Ed. D.