Attention, Parents!

1) Call a family meeting and mark a calendar with the first day of school, orientation days, whatever activities you want to get done beforehand, and what thing you absolutely need to do before Day #1.  The visual timeline will help your family prepare and get on the same page.
2) Make yourself a note to check in with each student in the house weekly to find out what they need to feel prepared the first day and what they are excited or nervous about.  Make a point to address concerns and share positive stories about your own first day of school or perhaps of a new job.  
3) If your students haven't spent much time around their peers over the summer, re-engage so they have the opportunity to talk about the upcoming school year.  It will help to see familiar faces on the first days back, and they'll be more excited about going back to hang out with their friends.
Look for more Back to School Strategies next Monday!