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Kindergarten Registration

South Butler Primary School begins the Kindergarten registration process in February each year.  Details like dates and paperwork requirements are provided via a flyer posted on the District and Primary webpages, as well as the District Facebook page, and handed out through the local pre-schools (see below).


Spring Fling

The South Butler Kindergarten teachers host a parent-child program designated as Spring Fling.  Parents and their Kindergarten students can come and join the Kindergarten teachers for a fun-filled adventure including stories, songs, crafts, and games.  Participants get to spend some time with each teacher and visit their classrooms.     


Scheduling for Kindergarten Registration:

Parents have the opportunity to sign up for Kindergarten Registration during the Spring Fling as well. In the event you are unable to attend Spring Fling, the Kindergarten flyer will provide details of when to call our front office to schedule a time for registration. 


Kindergarten Registration/Screening:

On the scheduled registration/screening day, families visit the gymnasium at the school.  Each child spends approximately 45 minutes cycling through hearing, speech, vision, fine/gross motor, concepts, and language stations.  During this time parents are required to complete a registration packet that takes approximately one-half hour.  Parents also visit with the nurse, MTSS facilitator, and school counselor for approximately 5 minutes as their child is being screened.  Kindergarten registration forms will also be available online.


Kindergarten Orientation

In August (about one week prior to the start of Kindergarten), there will be an orientation that allows children and their parents to meet the child’s teacher.  The teacher presents to both children and their parents for about 10-15 minutes in their classroom.  Afterwards children have the opportunity to ride the school bus into town and back.  Parents are welcome to take their child to visit the playground any time after school or after the orientation.