"Last Day" Message from Dr. Foley

June 5, 2020

Hello, Everyone.

Today marks the official end of the 2019-2020 school year, and I wanted to wrap up with a few reflections about the year, the most recent weeks, and where we go from here.

While the end of the school year did not look like we had planned - or as we had hoped it might look - we have all reached the end, and we can celebrate that.  As a reminder of some of the great moments and accomplishments of the 2019-2020 school year, I hope that you enjoy reading the SBCSD Annual Report that is attached to this email.

Much has been said about the losses to the Class of 2020, and they are many, but I want to recognize that all of our students lost what should have been the brightest part of their school year.  I commend every student in our District on their hard work throughout the school year and for making the best of a new kind of living and learning.  Like the faculty and staff, you have all learned a lot about yourselves and your capabilities in times of strife, I’m sure, and stepping up to these new challenges is something you should be proud of.  Watching the seniors pass through the auditorium this week for their Senior Commencement Walk, I am reminded of how quickly kids’ school years pass from the perspective of adults and how much kids grow in those 13 years.  Sometimes that growth just comes in different ways than we might have imagined, but it all builds them into the adults who will move our society forward.  

In terms of the fall return to school, much is still up in the air about how that will look.  I have assembled a committee to plan for the reopening.  That plan will be guided by CDC health recommendations, advice from the PA Department of Education, and by input from staff and community members.  Please be watchful over the summer months.  I will continue to keep the school community informed as the picture becomes clearer.

Finally, while many things have changed, some have not.  Saying goodbye to the students for the summer always brings with it concern for their safety.  Summer is a time for fun activities and events, but it can also be a time for risk-taking on the part of our young people.  I hope that you are all able to enjoy the summer vacation in safety and good health.  I look forward to seeing you all back at school in the fall.


David Foley, Ed.D.