Rachel's Challenge Community Nights

Yesterday South Butler elementary students saw the Rachel's Challenge presentation "Link Up", and they accepted the challenge.

Today our high school students saw the Rachel's Challenge presentation, and over 100 of them were so moved that they joined the FOR Club (Friends of Rachel) and spent the afternoon figuring out how to apply the ideas from the program here at Knoch to make it a happier, better place to learn for EVERY student.

Curious about what our students heard and saw that got them so inspired? The entire community is welcome AND ENCOURAGED to come and see for themselves tonight at our Rachel's Challenge Community Night.  Have a conflict tonight?  We're hosting a second Community Night tomorrow night just for you!

And it's okay to bring your kids! While the presentation is recommended for ages 12 and up, the KHS Student Council will provide babysitting for the younger ones in the KHS LLC, so bring them along to have fun!

100+ high school students can't be wrong. There's an important message to take away from this program. You just have to see it for yourself.

Tonight at 7 OR tomorrow night at 7 - KHS Auditorium - babysitting provided.