Attention, Parents!

1) Attend any orientation opportunities specific to your student's grade level, even if it's inconvenient.  Their school year will get off to a much better start if they know what to expect.  If they don't have one for that grade level, but your child is really anxious about going back, call the school and arrange a time to visit.
2) Create a list of back-to-school ideals that you will work as a family to adhere to like eating a healthy breakfast every day before school, using a planner or organizer to write down homework and setting aside a specific time in the family's evening when you'll review it with your student, and planning to have outfits and whatever else they need set out the night before.  Even if it doesn't last until October, being really organized will ease the butterflies for both student and parent.
3) Start reining in bedtimes and practice getting up earlier.  If you start now and put a positive spin on it, you can do this gradually so it won't feel like a punishment.
Look for more Back-to-School Strategies next Monday!